The Pendulum-Lever System

Free Mechanical Energy

A Top 100 Energy Technology in 2006
by New Energy Congress

The Simplest Technology

"...It is estimated that the input of gravity in the performance of biphase oscillator is around 80%..." academician prof. dr. Bratislav Tosic

A Mechanical Amplifier

"...This certainly ranks as one of the most important discoveries in science in the last 300 years..." Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.

About Us

About Us

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Research Strategy

Cooperation Policy

VEMIRC Pendulum Lab (a subsidiary of "Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center") is a scientific and research institution dedicated to the exploration of new boundaries in science and promotion and development of new clean technologies and their application in every day life.


Ecological settlements and commercial objects of maximum comfort, which maximally use alternative energy sources and are maximally energy efficient, which go with healthy and safe life in harmony with the nature.


Raising the awareness of the importance and advantages of use of alternative energy sources on the example and development of Veljko Milkovic's ecological innovations and living in harmony with the nature.

Slogan: Together We Will Succeed!


VEMIRC Pendulum Lab realizes its goals in the field of energetics, mechanical engineering, ecology and other connected fields, by having for the goal of its scientific, expert and practical work scientific and expert research, development, improvement, affirmation and realization of practical application of Veljko Milkovic's scientific and research work, of his inventions, innovations, patents and other technical discoveries in the field of oscillations of the pendulum drive.


  • Research & Development
  • Design & Engineering
  • Consulting & Management

areas: energetics, mechanical engineering, ecology
disciplines: energy technologies, alternative energy, energy efficiency, oscillations


VEMIRC Pendulum Lab

  • Scientific Council
  • Development team
  • Technical team
    • Division for mechanical engineering
    • Division for electrical engineering
  • Analytical team
  • Workshop


Research Strategy

Research & Development of Pendulum Drive Technologies
Examination and describing the efects of the two-stage mechanical oscillations; development and practical appliction of new technologies, devices and machines with the pendulum drive.

Scientific and research work is conducted through following activities:

  • Theoretical and mathematical studying, understanding and describing of the oscillations of the two-arm lever caused by the oscilation of the physical pendulum with movable pendulum pivot's point; writing and publishing scientifc papers and articles
  • Harmonization, optimization and finding the best ratio of masses and proportions in the pendulym-lever sytem
  • Mechanical and technical design
  • Efficiency measurements
  • Automatization and electrification of the system: development of automatic pendulum drive system with movable pendulum pivot's point
  • Studying and testing the new materials and technologies
  • Practical application of the two-stage oscillations in water supply and irrigation; testing and developing of hand and automatic water pumps with a pendulum
  • Practical application of the two-stage oscillations in electricity generating; testing and developing of hand and automatic electric generators
  • Following and coordination of international research activities in the filed of technologies with the pendulum drive

Research leader: VEMIRC Pendulum Lab
Deadline: research cycle 2010-2015

Cooperation Policy

VEMIRC Pendulum Lab and the author, academician Veljko Milkovic, are open and willing of cooperation with all partners of good will toward further development of our technologies and their application in every day life.

All individuals, enthusiasts, scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians as well as the institutions (universities, institutes, foundations, companies...) are welcome to join our growing international team and contribute to a better and more quality achievement of the set goals and faster practical application of the two-stage oscillator technology.

VEMIRC Pendulum Lab is open for all initiatives from bussiness proposals to scientific cooperations and it is seeking for the partners for common projects and submitting the applications to open calls of funds, foundations and other donors.

Academician Veljko Milkovic, as the author of the patented technology of the Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator, is open for all initiatives from business partners and investors for mutual beneficial partnerships and for further using of the great potential of practical application of the two-stage oscillations.


Latest News

Conclusion of Serbian Academy of Inventors and Scientists
September 19, 2012

Commission members of the SAIN Academy, on the basis of the submitted documentation and following a successful demonstration, reached a conclusion on the Two-Stage Oscillator.

Recommendations for Construction and Efficiency Measuring
March 28, 2012

The goal of this work is to answer two basic questions: how to construct an efficient two-stage oscillator and how to measure the quotient of efficiency of the constructed oscillator.

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