The Pendulum-Lever System

Free Mechanical Energy

A Top 100 Energy Technology in 2006
by New Energy Congress

The Simplest Technology

"...It is estimated that the input of gravity in the performance of biphase oscillator is around 80%..." academician prof. dr. Bratislav Tosic

A Mechanical Amplifier

"...This certainly ranks as one of the most important discoveries in science in the last 300 years..." Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.


Video # 1

Video # 2

Video # 3

Video # 4

Video # 5

Video # 6

Video # 7

Video # 8

Video # 9

Video # 10

Video #1: Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillations Research

Video #2: Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator -- A Mechanical Amplifier

Video #3: The Pendulum-Lever System Better Than Simple Machines

Video #4: Mechanical Advantage of Pendulum Drive

Video #5: Hand water pump with a pendulum

Video #6: Pendulum eases pumping of water

Video #7: Power of the Pendulum - Proof of Ultra-Efficiency?

Video #8: The World of Pendulum Power

Related research

Video #9: Cart with a pendulum - Vehicles with internal and inertial drive

Video #10: Superiority of Pendulum Drive - Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy


Latest News

Conclusion of Serbian Academy of Inventors and Scientists
September 19, 2012

Commission members of the SAIN Academy, on the basis of the submitted documentation and following a successful demonstration, reached a conclusion on the Two-Stage Oscillator.

Recommendations for Construction and Efficiency Measuring
March 28, 2012

The goal of this work is to answer two basic questions: how to construct an efficient two-stage oscillator and how to measure the quotient of efficiency of the constructed oscillator.

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